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Advent Calendars, Not Just Chocolate Anymore.

December 1, 2016

The season of advent has begun in the Christian calendar.  Advent is the Latin version of “coming.” It starts four Sundays before Christmas and is a season of preparation for the holiday.  In our house we have an Advent wreath with candles, and we start to decorate.  In years past we kept an advent calendar – the nice chocolate ones, just because it is fun!

This year I learned of more options for Advent calendars that you can purchase.

  • David’s tea – 24 days of tea.  Count down the days to deliciousness with this tea-filled advent calendar.
  • Body Shop – 24 days of happiness and festive surprises -cosmetics, bath and body products.
  • Lego Star Wars –  Open up a door each December day to reveal a fun Star Wars gift. My friend Earl blogs about his, with poetry, on the Earliad.
  • Cheese Advent Calendar – sorry, this year you have to make your own gourmet cheese calendar, but this lovely lady gives you step by step instructions!

There are others, just search for your favorite product…cosmetics, Starbucks, chocolate, beer, wine, nail polish, essential oils, jewelry.

And my favorite, the choice I made for this year…an Advent Spirits calendar!  I picked this festive box from my local BC liquor store.  For days I have been saying, “is it December first yet?”  Today I was chiming, “it 5 o’clock yet?”  Anticipation if fun!


Gentle readers of my blog know that I am fond of hamsters.  You may also know that hamsters are fond of alcohol.  It is because they have evolved to store grain, and are very effective at processing grain that has become fermented; and without hangovers.  These hamsters have come to help us celebrate the season.


Here we go!  December first brings us Jingle Bell Time.  Maya crème de liqueur rum.  Finest Caribbean rum, blended with real dairy cream, natural and artificial flavours, coloured with caramel.  Yum and yum!



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