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Good or Bad Advent Calendar

December 8, 2016

The advent calendar started out as a way to count down the time until Christmas.  Somewhere along the line someone thought it might be improved with chocolate.  Everything is better with chocolate, right?

Over time, the makers of the calendars tried to make the chocolates smaller and the keep the profits better.  Then the chocolates got less tasty.  Sometimes it was because the ingredients were cheaper and more shelf stable, and then a firm in the UK thought a sugar free healthy chocolate would meet with the firm’s mandate to make their employees healthy.   “One member of the IT support team told us, “I opened it, I don’t know what it was, it was brown-ish and tasted like cold mushy peas. No, I’m really not looking forward to tomorrow.”

Okay, if tastes aren’t appealing, maybe looks.  Manufacturers have made tried several themes to appeal to children.  You have probably seen the usual festive scene with woodland, Santa, or village life.  Maybe you haven’t seen the One Direction calendar, which is just as well, it is no longer available.  Or maybe the troll Christmas and New Year calendar with 32 chocolates, because you don’t want to stop at the first holiday.


But the worst of the worst I have found is the Ann Summers sexy Advent calendar.  Fortunately, it too is no longer available.  Ho ho how awful!


No, not for me!   A little too far from the spirit of the season.  Back 5o our hamsters and our spirits of Avent.  We catch up with the last few days, Let your heart be light, Make it jolly and Share the spirit!  We discover several varieties of Platinum vodka.  Raspberry, Caesar and American.


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