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Advent Can Be An Adventure!

December 3, 2016

What is more fun than going on an adventure?  Many people are making December into an adventure with their advent traditions. Today I highlight some of my favorite ideas and practices.

I have friends with children that have gotten into the spirit with making homemade boxes that contain small wrapped presents for each day.  Michael made boxes for his children last year and then commented, “Hopefully the kids like this, as it would have been a heck of a lot less work to just buy the cruddy candy advent calendars from the store.”  Adventure for the kids and for the parents for sure!

Becky who also has a family involves everyone.  “Lego for Julie and Joey, Play dough for Ben,  and beer for the adults.” A bit of experienced advice, It can be a bit tough if you get behind on the wine and beer calendars.  Especially if the alcohol content is 10 to 17%.  More merry, but hard to stay straight.

Andrea is making festive breakfasts for her children every day.  Her first one started with a pancake and egg snowman!

I follow a woman on Facebook who has her hamsters pose in all sorts of themes, including kitchen, beauty parlour, and moon landing.  This month she has her hamster posing with an advent calendar.  How cute!

adventFrom Harcourt Hammies.

Some people have shared a special calendar, probably because the first day it tells you to share the calendar!  Check out the Act of Kindness Advent Calendar.  A novel idea.

And then a old school friend (she’s not old though!), Stephanie, has the most traditional Advent calendar.  Reading bible verses.


If you are not a traditionalist, perhaps you would like to join with the police at Europol.  They have put out a Europe’s most wanted Advent calendar where you can watch out for their highlighted criminal of the day.  Because “it’s the most wonderful time of the year, to lock up criminals.”

Not as interested in crime?  More creative type perhaps?  Maybe you would like to try your hand at the Haynes Build Your Own Retro Radio Advent calendar.  Build a working radio in 24 steps.  Open each day for a new part.  Instructions included, but not the batteries.

Now to catch up on my calendar choice!  May your days be bright and merry.  Be of good cheer.   The doors revealed same lovely horchata twice, but one was pumpkin spice flavoured.  Looking forward to the fourth!




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