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Hamsters in the Kitchen and Bar

July 23, 2012

I couldn’t go overlong without a post on hamsters.  Seems like the little fellows have been busy with Russian photographer Elena Eremina. The hamsters and Elena enjoy their kitchen photo shoot when everyone else has gone to bed.  You can peruse through delightful pictures on her Flicker account of hamsters cavorting with everything from a bag of flour to eggs and kitchen implements.

Also in the news is the work being done by dedicated scientists and their hard-working hamsters at the university of Alaska/Anchorage.  With the help of the tiny furried friend, mankind has discovered that hamsters love alcohol.  If you were a hamster officiando, you would already know this.  The people at the U of A/A went on to discover something even more detailed about hamsters and their love of the cups, they don’t get drunk and they don’t get a beer gut.  Apparently rats can start to look like an old beer guzzler, but hamsters have superior skills when it comes to processing alcohol due to their native diet practices.  In the wild they stuff rye seed in their pouches, and when it sits a bit in warmth it starts to ferment.  They have to like the stuff, and have a superior liver to process it quickly, otherwise they would starve.  You think your car loves Ethanol?  Well your neighbourhood Siberian hamster loves it more.

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  1. August 9, 2012 21:49

    Here is an article with video of Hammered Hamsters participating in the advancement of science.

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