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Bear survives another visit to the PNE

September 4, 2016

It’s Labour day, and that means the fair at the PNE is coming to a close soon. Of course we couldn’t miss our trip to experience the treats.  So this week we made it out, even though the day was a bit rainy, we had heaps of fun.

Every year I bring along a stuffed bear I won long ago at the midway.  He has two left feet and looks kinda homely, but I figure he likes to visit his old stomping ground.  It also gives me an excuse not to spend more at the midway again.  He sports a PNE wristband that I got a few years ago, and I think he looks kinda cute.  Hopefully he will be good luck in winning the prize home!

20160831_140327Here he poses in the kitchen of the prize home.

We sure like trying the unique food, and little bear helps us pose with our treats.

Mmm good, deep fried tequila shots, Mexican style perogies, award winning smoked ribs and pulled pork, fresh satay noodles and oreo churros!


Can’t miss treats are the macaroni stuffed burgers and the bacon flavoured cotton candy. Also, bear poses with the bbq trophy.

That’s it for this year, we are all stuffed!

An unlucky break

August 31, 2016

Even little hamsters can have a rough time.  This baby ham picture was posted on Reddit to evoke comments and sympathy, but had no explanation other than “Little fellow broke his arm.”  One has to imagine the juvenile hammy going on his first days to school and having the other hamsters sign his itty bitty cast.

Hamster Mario

August 31, 2016

Even a hamster can enjoy video games.

2016 PNE food adventures.

August 30, 2016

Alright, when I was younger, the annual exhibition was all about the thrill of the rides.  All day passes meant striving to get on at least 40 times in a day.  Rollercoasters, swing of the century, the monster…

I guess when we mature, life gives us plenty of thrills daily in other ways.  But there is still thrills at the PNE not to be missed.  Who can resist a stroll through the marketplace to buy some wonder that will seem sensible, but then sit in the garage?  I must admit the rubber broom sweeps away the rain puddles that sneak in under the door.

Nor to be missed are the animals.  Those amazing canines of the superdogs and their big show antics can be fascinating and hilarious. A couple years back we discovered mini chuck wagon races.  They are so small with minature horses, but the same desires to win as the full size at the rodeo.

But the ultimate highlight is probably the food.  Experience this year the big pickle corndog, bacon cotton candy, oreo churros, mac and cheese stuffed burgers, chicken teriyaki perogies, or butter chicken fries.  The questing has to be, how can we fit it all in?  Maybe it was easier in the days of aiming for fourty rides.



This beauty thanks to Daily Hive.Daily Hive


pne-food-deep-fried-pickle-corn-dog-1  The yummy corndog thanks to Foodgressing

Maybe I will get a little help again from my pal, PNE bear.  He originally came from a win at the midway, he sports a wristband that says, “PNE the best part of summer,” and if you listen caefully, he can be heard to say, “PNE, let’s go!”  Who can resist?

Shall I Stay or Shall I Go?

February 18, 2016

With the Canadian dollar trending low, we decided to do the stay-cation and spend dollars on things around the house.  It doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the wonders of world travel when we have the marvel of the internet.  Our little friend the hamster takes us to Hawaii!

Who can resist tasting a seashell, the cabana and then discovering the bar and buffet taste better?  Surely no hamster can!  No hamster can resist digging in the sand and then trashing the buffet before indulging in a bit more of a snack either.

Then our little friend is on to exotic Egypt!


Our tiny hamster friend takes pleasure in climbing pyramids, participating in an historic dig, raiding the tomb of the pharaohs before heading home in a balloon.

Better than Best In Show

February 18, 2016

Most everyone loves the dogs at the Westminster Kennel club dog show, and you may have even seen the movie about the dog show called, “Best In Show.”  But  you haven’t seen anything until you have seen the Westhamster Hamster Show!

Who needs the dogs anyways?  All they do is steal the hamster’s cookies anyways.

Is this an enriching environment for hamsters?

August 8, 2015

I wonder if the scientists in my previous blog entry would consider this an enriching environment for hamsters.

Someone put a lot of effort into this one.