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Gracious Living for Hamsters

September 9, 2016

I have been thinking about what a pet hamster would like if they could choose their living space and transportation.  They need to be active, and can run about 9 kilometers a night.  They are naturally prey animals, and can be stressed if they are in an environment they don’t consider safe. They instinctively want to dig and burrow, making places to store food and sleep.

It really depends on the hamster personality on what they prefer.  I have had hamsters that jump into the plastic ball so that they can run around the house.  Other hamsters would just roll into a corner and sit. One study showed that free wild mice will run in a wheel when placed in their field.  Rodents are all natural marathon runners!  I even had one hamster, Sally, that when she accidentally got out of her cage one night, came out from under the couch when we called her name.  We habituated her to the bedrooms upstairs, and she would happily climb the stairs, run around exploring and then come back to us when we called and it was time to return.

Here is a hamster that prefers expensive cars instead of hamster balls.  You can find him on Facebook, his name is  Abroham Squeakin.  He is one cool ham.



So you are a hamster sporting a cool car, but where is the living large hamster going to live?  The old method would be to have plastic tunnels connecting a myriad of cages.  That’s okay, but could be unsightly to fit in with the décor of your house.  Hamsters do need space to move about, as long as they have places they can hide in and feel safe.  Many are not fussy, I had one ham that adored sitting forever in a cardboard box that was from my spring bulb delivery.  Maybe it smelled nice, and it did have great air holes where he would poke out his nose.  But owners who love their hamsters want more than a box, and many pride themselves on decorating the hamster environment with themes.  Erin from ErinsAnimals blog and You Tuber has great advice and directions on how to build and create all sorts of things for your hamster, including a cage from Ikea furniture.



Erin also has instructions on how to create items for the cage, but if you visit Andrea Probst you will meet an incredibly creative woman who makes entire hamster buildings.  You can find them at her website

This is called the Mediterranean.


This one, outside of its hamster habitat, is called the Castle.


She learned wood working as a hobby in their family home to make a building for her hamster, and her talents blossomed from there.  If you don’t share these talents, you can purchase her creations.

So take it from the hamster, if a place is nice, it is a good place to stick around and store your sunflower seeds.



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