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2016 PNE food adventures.

August 30, 2016

Alright, when I was younger, the annual exhibition was all about the thrill of the rides.  All day passes meant striving to get on at least 40 times in a day.  Rollercoasters, swing of the century, the monster…

I guess when we mature, life gives us plenty of thrills daily in other ways.  But there is still thrills at the PNE not to be missed.  Who can resist a stroll through the marketplace to buy some wonder that will seem sensible, but then sit in the garage?  I must admit the rubber broom sweeps away the rain puddles that sneak in under the door.

Nor to be missed are the animals.  Those amazing canines of the superdogs and their big show antics can be fascinating and hilarious. A couple years back we discovered mini chuck wagon races.  They are so small with minature horses, but the same desires to win as the full size at the rodeo.

But the ultimate highlight is probably the food.  Experience this year the big pickle corndog, bacon cotton candy, oreo churros, mac and cheese stuffed burgers, chicken teriyaki perogies, or butter chicken fries.  The questing has to be, how can we fit it all in?  Maybe it was easier in the days of aiming for fourty rides.



This beauty thanks to Daily Hive.Daily Hive


pne-food-deep-fried-pickle-corn-dog-1  The yummy corndog thanks to Foodgressing

Maybe I will get a little help again from my pal, PNE bear.  He originally came from a win at the midway, he sports a wristband that says, “PNE the best part of summer,” and if you listen caefully, he can be heard to say, “PNE, let’s go!”  Who can resist?

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