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What’s on the Monday menu for you?

January 19, 2015

Tonight we just came back from a week long trip visiting family.  Of course there is not much in our fridge, so a natural option is to pick up a simple pizza from the local grocery store and add our favorite toppings.  Not too unlike the hamster in this cute video.

Now some people may be concerned that this tiny hamster eating a tiny pizza may be consuming potentially poisonous toppings for the little beastie.  Not to worry.  The author, AprilsAnimals, assured us with this topping list;  whole wheat pita, natural peanut butter, carrots and mealworm.   Great for hamsters, not as appealing for people.  It was her second shot at cooking for hamster, as this video from behind the scenes shows that hammy decided the first veggie pizza was not as tempting.

The one option that hamsters have that we as human don’t is to stuff your leftovers.  The BBC has a revealing program about pets and featured a spot on hamsters hoarding abilities including x-ray of the remarkable talent.  Rest assured, I won’t be stuffing my cheeks with tonight’s leftovers.

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