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Spring gardening

May 28, 2014

Last week I did a lot of digging, painting and planting to make my garden and garden beds ready for the season.  This week it is cool and rainy, perfect germinating weather for cool weather seedlings like radish, lettuce and spinach.


  I like to try new things and found some leafy seeds called Komatsuna, or Japanese mustard spinach.  I also have five different kinds of beans, including purple beans, and red beans.

  It has been tough to find out what can grow in a shady garden, but I have found success with spinach, beans and peas, and sometimes radishes, but I have never had much luck with root vegetables.

 I have a hard time growing cucumbers and squash from seed, but if I get plants that are started at the greenhouse, they seem to do quite well.


  I have perennial sweet peas that come up every spring and do a marvelous job covering the fence.  They seem to get taller every year.  I found the only thing different about perennial peas versus annuals is that the perennials don’t have the strong sweet scent.  The hummingbirds don’t seem to mind the difference!


I can’t take credit for planting this fern.  I probably made it into the monster it is because I fertilize and water the cedar trees next to it.  It has taken over the rhododendron that used to be a foot away from it.  I haven’t seen a larger fern growing anywhere in the forest nearby.  Guess I will have to get the shovel out and start moving things again.  Maybe when I have more energy when I have a feast of spinach.


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