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Hamster psychic?

December 9, 2013

Next year in June is the World cup of Soccer. It is a world wide obsession, and now it has come to include hamsters as well. What, you say that you don’t have time to watch? You will be pleased to know that Mini-Merv, a psychic little hamster living in a tackle shop in England can make predictions for the Cup. Given slips of paper with names of team countries their little ham deliberated and made her choices. Ahh, now we can relax and enjoy Christmas.

While you are contemplating Christmas, don’t pin your hopes on getting that vanity plate from British Columbia’s public car insurance program reading, “Hamster.” It exceeds the 6 character limit. Also rejected: SUX2BU, HOT24-7, BEER ME, STOLEN, WHIP ME and CARGSM.

And finally, Christmas is the time for being kind to one another, and not eating your room-mate. Easy to say if you have a nice turkey in the oven, or if you are a snake and your room-mate is a hamster. Not a problem for this Ao-Chan the snake and Gohan-Chan in a little zoo in Japan. The keepers ran out of the usual meal of small mice and put hamster in the snake’s enclosure. But instead of making a meal of the sunflower seed eating fuzzball, the snake simply slithered around him, taking no interest in making him into a meal. For a while they were an attraction, but people became concerned and they were finally separated into individual enclosures.

Such Christmas spirit should warm our hearts.










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