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A few moments from my summer vacation

August 3, 2013

Last month we got away for a while on a road trip over the Rockies. Calgary was hosting the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” and we were happy to join in on the fun. Where else can you see a chick on its mother’s back at a 4H display?


Or practice helping a little calf into the world?


This is not taught in MoreOB!


Calgarians sure know how to put a smile on our faces! Great job everyone, you put on a great party, “come hell or high water.”


After the Stampede we headed south to Drumheller, with a little stopover in Rosebud to check out the sights. Of course the sights included farm machinery. After all, we were on the prairies.


Then we were on our way to see the Passion play that performed outdoors every summer in Drumheller. The scenery there looks a lot like the landscape where Christ walked thousands of years ago. The performance was astounding entertainment. I highly recommend you go some year. Check it out at Canadian Badlands Passion Play.


Every good thing comes to an end, and after having a wonderful visit with our families it was time to journey into the mountains and go home. On our way back familiar friends were there to say hello, some shedding sheep on a mountainside with daisies,


and some delicate flowers in the forest.


And after all, it is good to be home again.

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