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Hamsters know cool.

July 18, 2013

Hamsters are not thought to be intelligent creatures, but they do know about being cool. In the wild, when it is hot out, hamsters know how to sprawl out on rocks to keep cool because the rocks are poor conductors of heat and take a long time to heat up to the ambient temperature of the surrounding air.

In Japan you can buy a marble slab for your hamster to keep cool upon. But just watch out that you don’t mistake your pet for a yummy bun.


Another type of cool is a hamster that repeats what you say. We had a little friend over visiting and he thought it was great to have an arguement with the repeater hamster saying, "you're stupid!" Here is a Russian fellow who used his repeater hamster as a friend while driving and then got pulled over by a cop.

You can see the translation if you click on "cc" and translate captions! That's unless you are laughing too hard.

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