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Happy Canada day!

July 1, 2013

Just a quick post to list what I love about being a Canadian!

It is hard to explain, but ever since I was young I knew that I loved my country and missed something when I left.

Natural spaces and lots of wildlife, mountains, praries, desert, ocean, foothills, Canadian shield…
Universal health care – it was hard to put this second.
Home to many cultures living in peace; guns are not a right
Hosted the Olympic games three times; Toronto, care to make it four?
CFL baby!
What country has greater hockey nuts?
Mittens and touques; many know what -40 degrees feels like
Freedom for many things; thank you to our the many soldiers for protecting our home and peace around the world
Part of a community in the Commonwealth
Fabulous changes of the seasons, nothing beats spring in Victoria, summer by the beach, fall in the prairies (I can smell the wheat!), and winter… maybe I would like the winter in Puerto Vallarta.

just got back from the Canada celebrations at the park, and would like to add a few more;

This one is kind of geeky, the metric system
The legacy of Terry Fox – cancer can be beaten!
Bilingualism – you too can learn how to say Corn Flakes in French!
Brilliant Canadians like those that found a treatment for diabetes
Great Canadian events like, Montreal Comedy Festival, Calgary Stampede, Celebration of Light in Vancouver, and of course Canada day everywhere!

Happy 146th Birthday Canada!

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