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Already Tired of Winter.

November 27, 2012

Winter is making its way to my area of the planet, and I am not too pleased.  Some things I love about winter in Canada, like parties, and getting together with family, and hot yummy food and treats.  Most of the winter accessories I don’t like, especially cold, dark days and snow.  I would be happiest if the snow just stayed on the mountains, then those snow loving people could go and visit it any time they liked, and I wouldn’t have to deal with it.

All the same, we are purchasing snow tires for our car this winter.  Snow tires can be helpful driving on cold rainy days as well and I am all for that.  I have been doing some shopping and I found a really great website on winter tires that can be helpful if you are considering getting some for your automobile as well.  Winter Tires:  All you need to know.   It has several articles on selecting and choosing the right tires for you, and I even learned a quarter test for wear.  To find out if your winter tires are going to have enough tread to last out 10,000 kms or the rest of the winter season, take a 25 cent piece with the caribou on it and stick it into a groove with his nose down.  If you see the tip of its nose, it means the tread depth no longer meets 6/32 of an inch, so the tire probably won’t last all winter, or 10,000 kilometres.  Clever!


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