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Hamster Reminiscing in Memory of Eve’s Babies

July 30, 2012

Another blogger who visited Singing in the Rain has a hamster that gave birth two a litter of babies, now only two have survived.  Losing hamsters, even ones that have been around for only a few days can be tough, so I would like to share some happy hamster stories in their memory.


There was a time that I had a sweet little hamster with two-tone ears, so we gave her a high-class name after the car manufacturer.  She was a happy hamster who grew up quickly.  One of her favorite stunts was to climb up onto the table by crawling right up the table-cloth that hung over the side!

After a while she seemed to act a little peculiar.  She would sit and nibble on the tablecloth,  or startle easily.  I didn’t figure it out at the time, but when we got a second hamster, Bear, (he’s another story) she seemed to calm right down.  They say that Sierran hamsters are solitary, but it was very clear she was lonely.    I think she fell in love with Bear from the day we got him and he didn’t want the seed treat we had put in his cage, so we gave it to Mercedes.  She must have noted the scent on the treat and thought it was a gift from Bear.

They had separate cages that I kept close together because we never intended to breed them.  They did have “babies” one time.  When a friend looked after them over Christmas for us, they did get briefly together by accident.  I should say it was deliberate on Bear’s part, our friend said he never saw a hamster move so fast!  Not sure if Mercedes was expecting, we watched her closely over the next few weeks.  No pregnancy ensued, but as a joke we told our friend she was, and made little fun fur “babies” to bring to the office to tell him they were his responsibility.  I always hope that our friend got over the prank, the babies were very easy to adopt out since they had very little in the way of needs.


I didn’t have a pet at the time, and a friend suggested we adopt one from the local SPCA.  You can see his picture in my Hamster Love section.  We never knew how old Pookie was when we got him, only that it seemed he was about a year old and that he had spent some time in the animal shelter and deserved a forever home.  He was very nervous when we got him home and over time we noticed that he didn’t like running in the ball nor did he like to do other hamster like antics.  Pookie’s greatest love was to find somewhere dark and sit.   I had a little box with some air-holes left over from when some flower  bulbs were shipped to me, and this was his favorite.  We would sit on the couch, bring Pookie out of his cage and he would crawl up onto my lap and scuttle into the box and sit for hours.  If any hamster was an introvert, Pookie’s personality screamed it.

One day I had a great opportunity to go on a sponsored week-long course at a resort called Harrison Hot Springs.  I didn’t want to leave him behind, so I paid the extra money to keep him in our hotel room and Pookie went on his first trip with us.  The hotel room was perfect for a hamster, there was no place that he could escape under so with a watchful eye we allowed him to roam around in the evening.  We had put his cage in the closet so that he wouldn’t bother the maid, not everyone likes rodents, but she said she would take a peek at him when she cleaned the room each day.  So went Pookie’s vacation, start the morning with a bit of scrambled egg and a small bit of strawberry delivered to a quiet cage in the closet, then sleep.  In the evening, cage door gets open, and Pookie climbs in and out at his leisure to roam around the room until the humans go to sleep.

Poor Pookie.  He clearly didn’t understand why we had to leave after the week was over.  He never climbed the bars of his cage, but the day we brought it into the lobby to wait for our ride home he was glued to the side as if to say, “Noooo!  Take me back!”  I wish we could have, I liked it too.

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  1. July 31, 2012 02:23

    This is lovely! :)) Especially Bear and Mercedes – I do love a good love story! Eve and Dexter are mine ;D

  2. August 3, 2012 05:12

    Whee are furry godparents to the baby hammies so whee love anything hammy related! Great post! 😉

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • August 5, 2012 09:19

      Thank you for the compliments! I have always loved talking about hamsters, and it is fun to have someone who is interested as much as I am.


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