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March 5, 2012

The other day I was watching a cable television program originating in the United States, and a tornado watch scroll appeared on the bottom of the screen for the areas where the broadcast came from.  I live well far north of the area, so naturally my first inclination was to disregard the small print and focus on my program.  When the warning was upgraded and the area affected became larger and larger I was struck with the realization that people were in danger somewhere.  I am not familiar with the counties that they were referring to, in fact I wasn’t even sure in what states they were located, but as I sat in my safe and comfortable living room, I had to pause and pray for the people somewhere far off.  Years ago, while I was living in Edmonton, Alberta, a tornado hit the north end of the city.  We had never had one like that before, and there were no warnings.  I can somewhat understand what the suffering can be for those people living where the small print scroll means home.  Today I took a look at the pictures from CBC and read a few of the stories, and pray for the families of the people who have lost lives, homes and cities in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama and Georgia.

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