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Grey Cup 2011

November 29, 2011

Passion can be one of life’s delights.  Sharing your passion can spread joy and happiness, and if your passion is CFL football then it can also cause you to lose your voice because you were yelling at the top of your lungs while your team wins the championship Grey Cup!

This year was my fourth Grey Cup championship I have attended, this year being extra special because the home team was in the match up.  The league presently has 8 teams, and each city will take turns hosting the Grey Cup, as announced by the league several years in advance.  The teams that play may turn out to be from that city, but most of the time they are not.  Most of the time people attend the celebrations and the game because it is so much fun getting together with friends, seeing them again from previous years, and sharing a love of the game no matter where they are from.

The last two years I attended Grey Cup in Calgary and then in Edmonton.   In those cities November can be quite chilly, in fact both games were held outdoors in below zero temperatures.  The parties were warm, the friendships were memorable, but the games were downright numbing!  I was delighted this year when the weather was warm and the game was held indoors where I wasn’t distracted by the temperature.

Some people were concerned that there would be a repeat of the riots after the game like when the Stanley Cup was held in Vancouver, and there wasn’t.  With no disrespect for the work of law enforcement in the city and the committees set up for celebration management, fans of the Grey Cup knew that there wouldn’t be trouble.  Grey Cup is special celebration of friends and family of the CFL and I hope that it will always stay that way.

In the above pictures –

1.  I pose at the “Fan State of the League” address with some wonderful people I met tailgating this summer.

2. A picture shown at the address of Mark Cohon, the CFL commisioner visiting 91 year old George Hitzroth with the Grey Cup, since George couldn’t make it this year to the festivities due to health issues.  George has attended 65 Grey Cups.

3.  The Grey Cup, presented now 99 times for the winner of Canada’s football league.

4.  Jeff and I posing with a mountie who accompanied the Grey Cup into the room.

5.  Jeff with some Baltimore Stallion fans.  The Stallions were in the league for two years when the CFL expanded for a short time into the U.S.  Although the team is gone, the fans still come.

6.  I pose with the commissioner, Mark Cohon after I get him to sign my football purse.

7.  The Calgary Stampede pancake breakfast served up to hundreds of hungry fans.

8.  Calgary really knows how to bring spirit to the festivities.  I think I can smell those pancakes now!

9.  Steven and Jeff pose in BC Place, we had been given tickets to the Vanier Cup, the university football championship.

10.  Of course I was there too!  We had fantastic seats.

11.  Super fans Jade and Monique really show the spirit of the league in the respective colors.

12.  Lion’s alumnus, Cory Mantyka poses with me at the Lion’s den.  My all time favorite player.

13.  Jeff and I had a great time at the Lion’s den party.

14.  Edmonton cheerleaders perform for the crowd.  Notice these girls are being held up on outstretched arms.

15.  Even our stuffy chickens are prepared to watch the big game in the jerseys.  Their teams are the “BC Li-hens” and the “Winnipeg Chicken Cordon-blu-bombers.”

16.  Our entrance into BC Place includes a hug from our favorite host, Maryanne.

17.  I run across the famous group of fans, the squirrels!

18.  Excitement builds as we take our seats for the big game.

19.  Bonnie and Ted also are adorned in orange to cheer on our team.

20.  Things are starting to heat up as the cheerleaders take the field behind us.

21.  BC Place just as they are preparing for the national anthem.

22.  Posing with more friends in the stands!  Sheila the she-lion and her super fan husband, Mark.

23.  A unique Grey Cup indeed, I am not freezing cold, and I am even so warm I need an ice cream to cool off after the half time show.

You can watch a summary video from the Fan State of the League, featuring questions from the fans, including me!  I aam the first question in the video.

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