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Getting Ready for Grey Cup

November 19, 2011

It is almost here, tomorrow is the Western and Eastern finals of the 99th CFL year, and that means that Grey Cup is just over one week. Soon it will be a time for CFL fans from across the country to reunite and talk CFL, live CFL and party CFL! What other sport has a tradition of riding a horse into a hotel lobby? Where else do people line up for blocks, in the cold, for hours just to get into a party with green people, while on the other side of town others are charging extra to admit the green people?
This weekend the Western semi-final is going to be different. For the last two years the Saskatchewan Roughriders have made it into the playoffs, this year the poor Roughies are dead last in the West. It was difficult for me to decide who to cheer for, my hometown Lions, or my long beloved team with the super cute mascot, Gainer the Gopher. I even made a t-shirt to express my feeling of being torn between two loves. The result is instantly understandable to fans of the CFL, and a bit nauseating to anyone else.

This year I will have no problems with my wardrobe. The @!#*-^%#@ Eskimoes are coming to challenge the Lions in their newly renovated den. I made a trip to Chilliwack to pick up a sweet new Felions jacket which will look really smart with my new orange pants from H&M. Thank goodness orange is styling! With a bit of luck and talent I will be set for the following week as well. I will be on holidays to take in all the parties and I am really looking forward to a week spent in Vancouver.
Anyone who wants to know what to do for Greycup week should visit the 99th Grey Cup Festival website for what is happening in town.  Eating will be a priority. If you are on the run you will need to know where all the delicious food carts are located downtown.  I will be looking forward to living and breathing Grey Cup  with other CFL fans for the next two weeks, and then thankfully I still have a few days of vacation to recover.

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