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Shake Out!

October 20, 2011

I live  in an area that has a potential for earthquakes.  To prepare for a possible large earthquake the provincial of BC encourages all it’s residents to participate in the annual earthquake drill on October 20th ath 10:20 am. Last year I was at work during the time of the drill, this year I was at home.  From the website, Shakeout BC, I learned about securing objects in my home in case of a whole lot of shaking, and the importance of an emergency kit.  See my post on Emergency Preparation to see my kit.

At 10:20 am I was standing in the kitchen, I know that the best thing to do in the case of shaking is to get under the table and hang on.  I haven’t crawled under the furniture since I was short, and the experience was different then I remember.  I had to move away the chairs (they would probably move themselves if it were a big earthquake) and duck my head and I learned my neck isn’t as flexible as it once was.  My thoughtful husband tells me that the purpose of drills is to learn what it is like.  I stayed put under the table for sixty seconds of the drill while I waited for the drill to finish, trying not to focus on the lines I learned in the movie Aliens… “we in some pretty stuff now!” (sanitized for public tv).

  The next trip I take to the hardware store I am going to pick up some no slip gripping shelf liners as well as velcro and putty for objects on shelves.

Hang in there!

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