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A Happy Ending

September 23, 2011

Everyone who has owned a hamster knows that one day they are going to get out and have an adventure.  Most of the time you will find them somewhere in the house, hopefully before they have chewed something inappropriate.

A hamster named “Jeff” living in Southampton, England is a hamster with an extensive sense of adventure.  Somehow he made it to the out-of-doors, and was lost to his two diminutive owners.  The two boys were upset at his loss, the older had made traps to recapture him, and the younger one was sitting in the garden looking for him.  Later, just when their mom thought that she would have to tell the boys that the hamster was gone for good, she hear a knock at the door.  The neighbour was returning Jeff, somewhat slobbery.  Their dog had found the hamster in their yard and retrieved it for them.  Good dog!

You can read all about it in the Daily Echo News story.

This is not the video from the news story, but it may explain how the hamster got out of the house.

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