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Bear’s Fun Day at the PNE

August 26, 2011

It’s the last two weeks of August, around here it means back to school for young people, you can see them crowding into malls to grab school supplies.  To take our minds off the inevitable, there is also the Pacific National Exhibition, also known as the PNE, “The Best Part of Summer.”

One of the fun things to at the fair is to play games to win stuffed animals, large and small.  A few years ago I won a small blue bear.  At the time rubber wrist bands were extremely popular giveaways, and when I got a PNE one, it went onto the bear as a collar, and he has been the PNE bear ever since.  His line is, “PNE, let’s go!”  His little green eyes beg us to take him back all year-long, so come PNE time he comes along, looking ever so happy.

Here is our little bear, playing Godzilla over Hastings Park, the site of the PNE.

This year, the first stop for Bear is to eat, and there is a BBQ Competition, so what’s better than stopping to get some slow roasted ribs with secret sauce?

The answer to that would be, slow roasted ribs and secret sauce with baked beans!

I promised little bear a midway ride, but since he is too short for the usual rides, he got a ride that was more suited to his size.

He wasn’t scared at all.

Next it was on to some shows, and if you want some decent seats to see the Super Dogs and the Peking Acrobats you need to show up little early.  A good way to pass the time is to bring along some midway snacks.

Deep fried Oreos covered with icing sugar and deep-fried Pop Tarts cover with Fruity Pebbles cereal could give little bear a tummy ache, but not if he shares!

Candy apples are mostly fruit, so they must be good for you!

Bear likes to visit the military displays at the fair.  They thought he was too small to bother trying to recruit, and he declined the temporary tattoos because they don’t stick to his fur, but he joined me as we sat in the cockpit of a CF-18 Hornet fighter plane.  Hang on little bear!  We aren’t wearing our crash helmets!

Bear accompanied us on our whole day at the PNE until well past sunset, and as we were walking back to the car I thought I heard him say, “PNE, let’s go!”  The fair is running until September 5th, so maybe if he can promise some help winning the prize home lottery we will take him again on another day.

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