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Hamster hauled into police station, behind bars.

August 7, 2011

Over the years I have adopted a couple of hamsters from the SPCA and wondered how they ended up there. After all they don’t live all that long, so it must be quite the disrupting circumstances that occur to give up a quiet, seed eating ball of fur.

For one girl in the UK it was obviously quite a traumatizing experience, but happily for the hamster it ends well. The story starts out with young woman on a city bus abandoning a hamster in its little cage on the seat. Attached is a note, “homeless and harmless, please adopt me.” Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

The driver notices the lone cage and sets it aside until another passenger takes the initiative to find a better place for a sensitive hamster then the jostling luggage rack. She postpones her own plans and drops the hamster off at a police station. Everyone, including the people being arrested loved the little hamster behind bars. Officers later dropped the hamster off at the animal shelter, and before the day was over she was adopted.

You can read the story from the Kensington and Chelsea Chronicle here;

Happy ending for abandoned hamster.

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