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Summer Fun

August 6, 2011

I can happily state that it is now summer. It has been at least 5 days since we have had any rain, and I have left the cushions out on the patio overnight without fear of soaking them. My garden has taken a jump with it’s growth. The other day I found a handful of yummy green peas to eat, and it is time to find some twine to give the climbing beans something to climb on. It is looking a bit wild in the garden corner.

With the sunshine we have found some time for fun in the outdoors. For six of the home games this year, the BC Lions are playing at Empire Stadium while they are getting a new roof in their usual home at BC Place. With this, since we are in the East part of Vancouver instead of downtown, there is space at the Haastings Park exhibition grounds parking lot to tailgate. My father was kind enough to give us a portable bbq and we have been having outdoor dinner before the game each time. This week Jeff made pulled pork sandwiches and collard greens. To finish, our friend Bob shared home made delicious cookies. There are many other people who also tailgate and it is fun to go around and see what they are eating, and chat with friends. One group brought along their satellite dish to watch the early game of the day. Another bunch rented a truck and brought along their sofa and loveseat to relax while they grilled, but mostly everyone else just use folding chairs.

Today we made use of a gift certificate to try out something that we have never done before. We visited Hastings Park again to watch the horse races. We had a really nice buffet lunch while we watched seven races from the comfort of the restaurant above the grandstand. We tried out betting and I won a whole 70 cents! I may have won more if I had bet on my pick for the last race, but as they say, if wishes were horses… I had picked the horse because it had a nice orange saddle blanket and was called Snowbird, which I thougt was pretty. When you get a winner that way instead of looking at the odds then your winnings can be a little better. They were really nice in Silks restaurant, there was a person who came around and explain what everything meant in our racing program and the service was very attentive.

It is not often that we go out to the movies, but last week we made it out to Cowboys and Aliens. Daniel Craig makes a good cowboy as well as a very cute James Bond. I think he must have taken his cowboy image from Clint Eastwood, and his fellow actor in the movie, Harrison Ford emmulated John Wayne. Overall I thought it was a good summer movie.

I hope that there will be more summer fun to come!

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