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Canada Day!

July 1, 2011

Happy Canada day everyone!  It is Canada’s 144th birthday  and it is time to wear some red and  eat some cake to celebrate!

It appears  that gentle weather brings many distractions other than blogging.  I say gentle, not fantastic since this is the second Canada Day in a row that I have worn my patriotic socks.  I would prefer hotter weather where socks would be over dressing.  At least there is lovely weather in Ottawa for the Royal visit of Prince William and his bride, Katherine.  For the last month and a bit I have been busy planting my garden and watching the seeds almost  float away in the rain, having some fun road trips with our new car and taking some  time for vacation.

A couple of our friends were busier than us, getting married.  Congratulations to Marlene and Chris!  They put on a great shindig, and we had fun celebrating their awesome union.

If you weren’t already aware, it is the year of the rabbit.  To lend its special blessing of good luck on the couple, a bunny rabbit showed up on the lawn outside the chapel.

Straight away after the wedding fun, Jeff and I hopped into the car and headed East on a road trip to visit relatives.  It was a relaxing, yet brief trip visiting Cranbrook and Calgary.  Many wildlife were spotted over the mountains, including deer, mountain goats, big horned sheep, a bobcat, a pair of wild turkeys, a partridge, gophers, elk, eagles, hawks, magpies, scarlet tanagers and bunnies again.

In Calgary we attended a Viper’s  baseball game, and so did another lucky bunny by the name of Earl.  He ran onto the field to give some advice to the bullpen, and also resulted in some awesome good luck for Jeff, who scored a win with the 50/50!  A big sorry to anyone who would like to get a loan from Jeff, he has already spent it.

Earl the bunny in the outfield.

Giving advice to the bullpen.  We don’t know what he said, but we can guess.

Lucky Jeff!

And I end with some gratuitously cute gophers.

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