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Victoria Day

May 23, 2011

Today Canadians celebrate a holiday called Victoria day.  Most will enjoy the outdoors, late May generally heralds the onset of milder weather for vitamin D deprived denizens of the north.  Gardeners know that it is usually safe to set out bedding plants, since the chance of frost is low.  For campers and other outdoorsey types, most camp sites and attractions have their season opening today.   But it left me wondering, what does this have to do with queen Victoria anyway?

With a bit of help from Google and Wikipedia I have learned that Victoria day has been celebrated here since before we were a country and honors Queen Victoria, the mother of Confederation.  Some cities have fireworks, there is a parade in Victoria, BC.   I like what they do in New Westminister, BC.  They celebrate with the Hyack Festival and at noon they have an anvil salute.  Anvil salute?  Wikipedia tells us and anvil salute is a pared down 21  gun salute.

Gunpowder is placed between two anvils, the top one upturned, and the charge is ignited, hurling the upper anvil into the air.

  Leaping anvils!  That sounds too cool!  I am so sorry that I learned about this after the event.  I am marking my calendar so that we attend next year. 

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