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Royal Wedding Celebration at Home

April 28, 2011

You can call me a bit of a voyeur, at least when it comes to royal weddings, and I will be joining many people tonight as we take in the royal wedding.  When I was a teenager I sat up in the middle of the night and watched the wedding of Charles and Dianna.  Here is the new millennium and I am at it again, of course watching their son, William, marry his bride, Catherine.  This time I will be sitting up in my own living room and I have prepared a bit of an appropriate menu to tide us through.  I really love high tea, so this is my theme for the night. 

****Susan’s Fancy Wedding Tea Menu****

Fruit salad

Bristol Cream

Salmon pinwheels

Carrot ginger rectangles

Egg squares with fresh chives

Potted ham wedges

Cucumber fingers

Murchies tea

Petit fours with raspberries or blueberries

Lemon shortbread

Sparkling wine and orange juice

I am also working on a royal wedding bingo…like the political bingo, but with a different topic.  Here are the 75 items to pick from so you can make up your bingo card and play along.

  1. Talk about Fergie
  2. Golden carriage
  3. Kiss
  4. Big Black car
  5. Dog
  6. Umbrellas with Union Jack
  7. Bells
  8. Stumbling or tripping
  9. Drop something
  10. People dressed to look like Kate
  11. People dressed to look like Dianna
  12. Helicopter view
  13. Tulips
  14. Fly over
  15. Ambulance
  16. Police car
  17. Crowns
  18. Bucklebury mention
  19. Hollywood celebrity
  20. Fascinator
  21. Babies
  22. Diana’s ring
  23. Pearls
  24. Lace
  25. Uniform with medals
  26. Elton John cries
  27. Flub lines
  28. Guest cries/brings out a hanky
  29. Guest falls asleep
  30. Children run amok
  31. Red hat
  32. Blue hat
  33. Yellow hat
  34. Up do
  35. Horse rears up
  36. Gun fire (ceremonial)
  37. Pink dress
  38. Blue dress
  39. Rose corsage
  40. Spectator dressed as Union Jack
  41. Rain
  42. Choir boys
  43. Bear hat
  44. Bishop hat
  45. Policeman smiles
  46. Children with flowers
  47. Children with flags
  48. Birds
  49. Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson)
  50. Talk about Dianna
  51. Wheelchair
  52. Coat of arms
  53. Diamonds
  54. Stained glass
  55. Cane
  56. Sword
  57. Someone yawns
  58. Angels
  59. Someone looks unhappy
  60. Feathers
  61. Really big hat
  62. Big British smile
  63. Something thrown
  64. wind-blown clothes
  65. foreign dignitary
  66. Commoner guest
  67. Singing
  68. Royal wave
  69. Paparazzi
  70. Guest with a beard
  71. Bald man
  72. Top hat
  73. Bow tie
  74. monocle
  75. Beefeaters
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