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Earth Day Plus Some

April 25, 2011

  I am posting this on the Monday after Earthday because our computer has a hiccup and doesn’t want to work.   Thank goodness for alternate access! 

     Earth day coincided with Good Friday this year and I really take much notice of the globe honoring day.    I like what my husband said about it, isn’t every day Earth day anyway?  For me, today was a better day show my appreciation for our planet.  I started by waking up to a lovely, sunny day.  I handwashed some clothes and hung them outside to dry.   It is still a little cool, although it did get up to 18 degrees in the sun, our shady location means that I will still have to bring my things inside to finish drying. 

My friends invited me for a walk to check out some nesting birds along the river.  I had spotted a heron nesting area along  a busy road.  They are a fair distance from the road and on the other side is the river.  The area is a wildlife protection area, and we couldn’t go in close to see them, but were able to watch them from a distance.  These large birds hunt for their dinner by wading in the water, but nest close together in very high trees.  We could see that each nest had a beak poking out, and some had a large towering mate sitting on a branch nearby, or bringing sticks to do some nest renovations.  The view was too far away to get a good shot, so here is one of a diving duck instead.

  Afterwards we decided to leave the heron nursery and take walk around a nearby park called Colony Farm because in the past it was used as a rehabilitation farm for people in a psychiatric hospital.  Today it is a wildlife protection area for over 150 birds and mammals, is filled with many walking trails, and is the home for a community garden as well.

A muskrat makes for the rushes

  After such a lovely day of spent doing some chores and having a fun walk I can happily indulge in some Easter goodies tomorrow.

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