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Rally on!

April 11, 2011

   Today I attended a rally at the Royal Columbian hospital to bring attention to the problem with overcrowding in hospitals.  Everyday patients in every area of hospitals across Canada are looked after in overflow areas.  This could be converted office or storage spaces, lounges, public hallways or even as happened recently at Royal Columbian, the Tim Horton’s coffee shop.   As I told CBC radio news, it is important that hospitals get proper funding so that hospitals, doctors and nurses can give proper care.  Patients deserve dignity when they are in their most vulnerable moments.  The best way to do this is not just form another committee or to throw more money at the situation, but to listen and dialogue with people like nurses working in hospitals and work together towards practical solutions.  

  This dilemma is the tip of the iceberg.  If we prioritize healthcare in the community by ensuring enough spaces for seniors in proper long-term care or extended care facilities, properly fund supports for people with psychiatric issues, have affordable housing for the poor, and vulnerable in our society then they wouldn’t be backing up in hospitals.  But I guess that isn’t sexy enough of a soundbite for most politicians.  This time I hope they will be listening.  And a very big  thank you for the people who showed their support for our cause today, including federal NDP candidate, Fin Donnelly, for coming over and speaking at the rally when none of the other invited candidates showed up.

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