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Election Bingo!

March 27, 2011

     Where I live we really love democracy.  So much in fact we will be having a referendum, as well as municipal, federal and most likely provincial elections all in the next year.  With that much campaigning a person could easily become fatigued.  With that much insanity we needto make the process a bit more fun. As children, when we were subjected to long road trips with no electronics we would play games to make the time pass.  I suggest that we employ the same tactics to get through the mayhem to come.  Adjust as needed to apply for non federal elections.

Welcome to Election Bingo!


  •  Make a grid with 5 columns, the first row has BINGO as labels for the columns.
  •  Below this make five rows.  You will have 25 squares.
  • For the squares below, choose random numbers as follows;

       B=1 to 15

       I=16 to 30

      N= 31 to 45

      G = 46 to 60

      O = 61 to 75

  • Your numbers then correspond to the following list of politician actions;
  1. Kissing babies
  2. Shaking hands
  3. Booted out of the campaign
  4. Use of the word “evil”
  5. Use of the word “budget”
  6. Use of the word “fiscal”
  7. Use of the term “belt tightening”
  8. Playing hockey photo-op
  9. Any sport photo-op
  10. Hard hat photo-op
  11. Blue collar worker outfit photo-op
  12. Dressed in ethnic outfit
  13. Singing
  14. Use of the word “environment”
  15. Use of the word “fisheries”
  16. Promise of tax break
  17. Promise of stadium
  18. Promise to cancel military contract
  19. Promise to create miltary contract
  20. Talk about Afghanistan
  21. Sex Scandal
  22. Admit to smoking pot
  23. Admit to drinking problem
  24. Admit to too many speeding tickets
  25. Pose with children
  26. Pose with seniors
  27. Wear plaid
  28. Wear cowboy hat
  29. Promise cuts to arts
  30. Promise funding to arts
  31. Drops something
  32. Stumbles over own feet
  33. Inappropriate remark on live mic
  34. Rain during speech
  35. Snow during speech
  36. Speech in front of statue
  37. Speech with nature in background
  38. Has a cookie or doughnut
  39. Gets hit by pie
  40. Has a cup of coffee or tea
  41. Wearing a rose
  42. Wearing a sweater
  43. Wearing a ballcap
  44. Uses a hockey quote
  45. Has a celebrity endorsement
  46. Does anything with cheese
  47. Photo-op on a boat
  48. Meets Rick Mercer
  49. Photo-op in a truck
  50. Photo-op in a train
  51. Visit Yellowknife
  52. Speech in front of an Ocean vista
  53. Photo-op on a farm
  54. Speech on health care
  55. Complaint that opposition are overspenders
  56. Promising to “clean”
  57. Use the word “optics”
  58. Pointing
  59. Photo-op with five members of the opposite sex
  60. Speech on education
  61. Photo-op at school
  62. Bad hair day
  63. Kisses on both cheeks
  64. Pose with an animal
  65. Shakes fist
  66. Makes a “whoop” or yell
  67. Boasts about their record
  68. Shown on a bus
  69. Eats with their hands
  70. Media stunt ala Stockwell Day
  71. Flips pancakes
  72. Has sweaty armpits
  73. Talk about family values
  74. Facebook or Twitter incident
  75. Shows a graph
  •      Next make up cards for youself and your friends, follow the campaign and see who gets the first BINGO! 
2 Comments leave one →
  1. Susan permalink*
    March 28, 2011 19:13

    Day one: All leaders seen shaking hands; under the B,1. Gilles Duceppe seen kissing on both cheeks; Under the O , 63

    Day two:
    I saw Michael Ignatieff on the news yesterday eating doughnuts. Under the N, 38!

    Day 3:
    Harper was at a day care and seniors centre playing ping pong promising tax cuts. Under the I, 16, 25 and 26! Jack Layton seen wearing a sweater while in Saskatchewan; N42. Gilles Duceppe unvails his bus; O, 68

    If you see any more actions please feel free to share!

  2. April 14, 2011 23:51

    I got a Bingo!

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