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The Decline of the Written Word

March 25, 2011

    Recently Twitter, the website for microblogging, had an anniversary of 5 years.  When you “Tweet,” your posts are limited to 140 characters. It has been described as a, “short burst of inconsequential information.”   I am not a follower of  any Tweets, and I am not eager to start.  I don’t see the point in a world that is absorbed by sound bites and headlines.  Humanity shouldn’t be reduced to the meagre offerings of 140 characters or less.   You may call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to read the rest of the story, especially when it is well written.  A few pictures are nice, too.

     A side effect to this trend towards “social media” is that my friends who have blogs tend to let them wither for months and then years from lack of posts.  Perhaps it is the time that it take to formulate your thoughts in cohesive, interesting paragraphs is too hard to fit into your day-to-day life.  Maybe it is a lot easier to be glib in compact phrases. 

Character count= 960

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