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Hamsters with a need for speed!

March 25, 2011

   Hamster news has hatched some interesting little creature antics once again, this time on both sides of the world.  If you are in San Diego over the April 1st weekend, you can enter your little racing rodent in the Hamsterball Derby.  Prizes include Fiesta Food, value sized treat stick and Rock and Roll wood chews.  Fast and the Furriest invites you to bring your hamster on down to see if it has the fastest paws in town.

  A certain hamster on the other side of the pond decided that a hamster ball was too slow and found that a car was more his size.  The adventure started with John Moorcroft and his mother picking up a hamster from a local pet store in Derbyshire, UK.  They placed the packaged ham on the back seat of the car then set off home.  Arriving home he stopped, took the keys out of the ignition, and spotted a hamster sitting on the brake pedal!  Before they could act, the swift furried figure disappeared somewhere in the dashboard where he spent an entire week.  They thought he was gone for good until his wife thought put some food and water in the car and they were able to cage the auto loving hamster.  Maybe he would like to go to the car show with us next week.  You can see a picture of this wiley ham in the article from their local paper in the hands of the owner who now has him in a death grip.

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