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Spring sideways?

March 13, 2011


  It’s the time of year again when many places start daylight savings time, moving back our clocks so that we wake up earlier and spend more waking time in daylight.  It is supposed to save power by spending more of our working hours during natural light.  I say, “hmph.”  This weekend is shorter by one hour, and most people lose sleep and become more drowsy on Monday.  In fact ICBC, or the BC car insurance organization has learned that there is a higher risk on driving after DST starts!

Crash statistics illustrate a higher driving risk the first work day after Daylight Saving begins. In British Columbia according to the five-year average (2005-2009), on the Monday following the springtime change, there were 850 crash incidents, compared to 690 incidents the Monday before the time change, which represents a 23 per cent increase in crash incidents.   -ICBC; click on quote to read entire article.

  So I recommend that you take a nap on Sunday and watch out on the roads on Monday, or sleep in and tell them you were confused on how to set your clock. 


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