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Hamster at Home

March 1, 2011

Seems that hamsters are happy to live the high life lately. Maggie Smith who works in a shop in Sterling, Scotland drove by the store window one Monday morning to see a crowd of people.  Initially thinking they were looking at her lovely tile and ceramic refinished kitchen and bathroom showcase, something else then caught her eye, a cute dwarf hamster!  

  The Sterling Observer 

  Maggie rescued the furry little attention hog, and have aptly named the little guy “Tyler.  Those United Kingdom hamsters have it good.  A clever advertising campaign by Lloyds  TSB features a little hamster blissfully living the high life in a gold plated hamster home, then his family notice their pet expenses are a little high when they use the finacial company’s money-tracking service. 

Campaign blog entry with Lloyds TSB

It is sure a step up from the Ikea Hamster home

  I figure that a happy home is payback for all those hamsters who have been test subjects to make life better for all mankind.  Although a certain little hamster test subject doesn’t have it too bad, helping the folks at  The Cooks Den find out which tastes better, traditional or organic food.  Hammy is an unbiased subject with “superior taste buds” and “unaffected by marketing hype.”

Hammy Hamster Goes Organic

   As an aside, I would like to congratulate myself on learning how to insert links into my blog.  Hooray for me!

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