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Snail Homing Abilities?

August 13, 2010
  Every gardener has probably experienced it, the dreaded predator of petunias, devastator of lettuces, eliminator of sprouts, the dreaded snail!  Every year they come into gardens worldwide and slowly eat away crops and flowers, usually by night.  There are many methods to deter or poison snails, but it is a distasteful business.
  In England there is a gentle soul, Ruth Brooks, who wanted to find a humane way of protecting her garden.  She joined forces with a researcher and now is conducting a study on the homing instinct of snails.  Her thought was if she could just remove them from her garden, then her greens could be safe, but how far would she have to take them so they wouldn’t come back?  If you have the same type of snail as she does, then  you can participate in the study as well.  Simply surf to The Great Snail Swap Experiment and you can find out if you can join in, or if you are like me and have a different species of snail, then we can find out the results. 
  I say, "good luck!"  My radish sprouts are trembling as they wait for the answer.
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