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Ahhh holidays!

July 7, 2010
  I see that there has been a bit of a gap between my posts.  I also now see that I must be on holidays once more because I have the leisure to post once again.  I am liking this holiday stuff; warm weather, sunshine, enjoying fun activities and relaxing.
  The last few weeks I have had the privilige of visitors.  As a result we explored our region more then if we were left to our devices. 

   Earl poses in front of a show that he took us to in Vancouver.

  We took in some fine arts,
This is Jeff, posing with his work on display at the Green Revolution art show. 
a little fine dining and sporting events,
 Here we take in some great pulled pork before we attend the Lions preseason game at Empire field.

 some exercise with a walk in the woods,

and then a drive to Steveston to explore what is coming off the fishing boats.

My cousin Tina then came for a visit and we spent an afternoon having fish and chips and exploring.

  I am looking forward whatever comes next!

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