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Brand new 2012 Olympic mascots

May 19, 2010
   With only 799 days to go to the 2012 London games, their Olympic Committee has revealed the mascot for the Olympic and Paralympic games.  Once again the organizers had children as advisors and chose mascots that are linked to virtual world of cyberspace and the ability to morph into different looks as the situation calls for it.  Flashbacks to 1996 Atlanta, anyone?
  You can check out Wenlock and Mandeville and watch a video of how they originated from the last two drops of steel from the construction of the Olympic stadium at their website, 2012 Olympic mascots.  There you can become their friends, follow their newsfeed, look at pictures, learn about their histories and find other activities.
  The comments on the official site seem to be cheerful and excited.  In the media there’s more mixed comments. 
  “What the heck are they?”
  “Part CCTV camera, all cash cow.”
  and my favorite, “Faster, higher, stronger, tackier.”
  A comment on the ABC News website says,
“My first thought was scary, not stupid. Terrifying, really. I’m looking forward to stories of children running away screaming and crying at the sight of them.”
  Like a new kid in the classroom with an ugly cowlick, they may have to try really hard to make friends.
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