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Yellow Bird and no rain today

May 15, 2010
  It has been a nice run of days with no rain and I have spent the time either working (it always seems to be sunny when I am at work) or working in our yard.  I had to wait for the ground to dry out a bit before I planted my garden, even if the earth had warmed up enough for weeds to grow. 
  I now have the stiff joints to prove that under the ground there are seeds for potatoes, carrots, beets, beans, lettuce, spinach, radishes, zucchini and various other plants.  I will have to wait at least a week before I see any results, but I am confident something will come up.  Most of my seeds are fresh since a rat in my shed ate most of the others from last winter.  He must have been hungry.  From now on I keep the leftover seed in glass jars.
  Today I did a little weeding around my sweet peas and then took the afternoon to lie on our patio swing and read while watching the birds come and have a splash in the bird bath.  The usual crowd of robins and juncos came, and I had a little yellow birdie come as well.
     I believe this tiny little fellow might be yellow warbler, even though he wasn’t singing for us, he sure had a good splash and sip.  He had to wait for the bigger birds to leave before he could take his turn, and he was so small he had to use the lower level of the bird bath which is shallow.  I love spring when we get plenty of migratory birds around.  Glad I could provide this little fellow a place to spruce up for the ladies.
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