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Amazing Hamsters!

April 17, 2010
 The president of the United States gave a speech yesterday about their plans for the future in space travel.  He spoke about the possibility of travel to the red planet, Mars.
  “Early in the next decade, a set of crewed flights will test and prove the systems required for exploration beyond low Earth orbit.  And by 2025, we expect new spacecraft designed for long journeys to allow us to begin the first-ever crewed missions beyond the Moon into deep space.  So we’ll start — we’ll start by sending astronauts to an asteroid for the first time in history. By the mid-2030s, I believe we can send humans to orbit Mars and return them safely to Earth. And a landing on Mars will follow. And I expect to be around to see it.”
  I am sorry, but I will have to break it to you, Mr President, a hamster will get there first.  Chomik has been delayed, but this Polish “hamster” has plans to take a bite out of one of the moons of the red planet next year.  Polish “hamster” goes to Phobos, a geologic digging device named “hamster” in Polish.  God speed little ham!




  This is an agility hamster video, probably a candidate for hamster astronaut.
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