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The games go on!

March 13, 2010
  The 28th of February saw the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic games in Vancouver.  Less then two weeks ago most of Canada was cheering as the gold medal hockey game concluded with a magical ending for the home team.
  We were fortunate enough to attend several events during the games, including the opening and closing ceremonies, speed skating and men’s semi final curling.
  Afterwards I have gone through a period of withdrawl from having three or more excellent world class events going on at the same time.  The sense of joy that spread throughout the city is tremendous.
  There is even a group of people who have started a petition to make a holiday on February 28th to continue with the Olympic spirit and joy.  Many in our nation are resigned that the Olympics for Vancouver are over.  Well, perhaps they are, but starting yesterday we can look forward to 10 days of Paralympic games. 
   I was fortunate to be able to attend part of the torch relay and the opening ceremonies.  I have learned that the Paralympics are not just an afterthought, they are truly an embodiment of Olympic spirit.  I have found the events very accessible, and the participants are real amateur athletes, they are doing it for the competition love of their sport. 
  My favorite part of the opening ceremonies is when the athletes parade in.  For these paralympic games I was thrilled to be close enough to the athletes to see their faces as they came onto the stage and break out into smiles at the crowd cheering them on.  It was so exciting!
  Most of the events are being held in Whistler, so I hope to be able to watch them on television, even if they aren’t live, like they were for the Olympic games.  Congratulations to the Canadian sledge hockey team for their success in the first game of the round robin!  And good luck to all the athletes, I hope that your experience in the games will be of a great time! 
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