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Sur la pont de Port Coquitlam

March 6, 2010
  Today was the official opening of the Coast Meridian overpass in Port Coquitlam.  The city put on a ceremony and party on the bridge span, including street hockey games featuring North vs South.  Here is a picture of the bridge from the City of Port Coquitlam
    It was fabulous morning for the opening, the day was warm, the sky was perfectly clear and blue.  People came in great numbers and were excited about the new commuting option that now unites our city that has been divided by almost 100 years by the CP rail yards.  For residents to travel from one side of the city to the other they used to have only two choices, and traffic congestion has been a growing problem.  I usually chose to park on the North side and walk through the underpass to get to businesses and events downtown.  South sider residents we met today said they are looking forward to using the rec centres on the North side.  The bridge also includes lanes for pedestrians and bicycles.  Very thoughtful!
  It was a great opportunity to take a stroll from one side to the other before it officially opens to traffic on March 7th. 
  There was an ribbon cutting, and then two life long resident grandmothers shook hands, exchanging preserves of blueberries that are grown on the North side with salmon which is from the Fraser river on the south side.  Following that they had speeches from dignitaries, displays and street hockey games, including one official battle between kids from the North and South sides.  They played to a tie, and many excited children afterwards proudly showed off their medals.
  We weren’t the only ones interested in the celebration, a pair of eagles flew over us to check out what was going on.  Maybe they wanted some of the complimentary Tim Hortons donuts, hot chocolate and coffee, or delicious San Remo Pizza
  The situtation was unique for the bridge to be built.  First they had to get permission to build across the CP rail yards and then push the bridge across without interrupting the trains.  For engineer interested types you can get the details on the project design at the Port Coquitlam City website where you can learn about the bridge like cable stay design, and push launch method of construction.

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