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Fun in the city

March 1, 2010
  What a tremendous 17 days we have had in Vancouver!  The 2010 Olympics came and went, so have all the athletes and guests and Vancouver is different because of the experience.   I am convinced that the city has improved in spirit and in features.  I had a tremendous opportunity to attend the closing ceremonies because of the generosity of my brother.  Although I found the ideas of the closing of the Olympics sad, I knew the fun had to end sometime, the ceremonies made me feel much better.
 Because the gift of the tickets were completely last minute we had to leave our comfy couch during the big hockey game and found out about the overtime win as we were on our way.  The eruption of joy from everyone was incredible!  It was as if the whole city shouted for joy at once, and smiles were seen all around.  One of the police officers said that their hands were sore from all the high fives they were doing.
  Inside the party continued,  the seats we had were lovely, and the party was fantastic!  We watched a replay of the final overtime period on the big screen and waited for everyone to arrive. 
 We were then thrilled and blown away over the spectacle.  What a way to say goodbye to all the wonderful people who came to share joy and happiness with Vancouver.
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