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Ice is nice

February 22, 2010
  On Saturday we had an adventure of a lifetime, we got to attend the speed skating at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and watch the competition for medals in women’s 1500 meter and men’s 1000 meter distances.
It was a huge demand ticket and the scalpers in front of the venue were all begging for people to sell them extra tickets.  We were meeting people from all over the world and having fun talking to them about the love of the Olympics.  I was wearing my Mukmuk gear, so that was also a big hit with folks.  He is a pretty popular mascot/sidekick!
It was fascinating and exciting to watch the speed of the athletes.  They seemed like they could skate tirelessly when we screamed and cheered.
The crowd was very excited because of some very strong Canadians, Francois and Charles Hamelin were skating with Apolo Anton Ohno from the USA.
Warm up starts.
And the race is on.
Things didn’t end up how Canada hoped, but the Koreans were thrilled!
  There’s a new record!
 The Korean skaters are super fast!
The celebrations
We had a great time.  I tired out my voice from all the cheering we were doing, but I would gladly do it all over again!
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