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February 13, 2010

 Here I am in front of BC place with my buddy, Mukmuk.

 My interest in the Olympics began in the 1976 when I was a youngster.  A teacher gave me an Olympic pin of Misha the bear, mascot of the 1980 Moscow Olympics.  Although I wasn’t inspired to be an athlete, I have been inspired and impressed at the tradition of fairness, friendly competition and peace amongst nations. 
  I respect the freedom of expression that is due to everyone, including those that think that we shouldn’t spend money on celebrations when there is poor people in our community.  I do not respect those that turn criminal and hurt others in their protesting actions.  Shame on those that cover their faces and wield weapons of destruction.
  Hosting the Olympics is like having a party at your house.  Sure, we could have spent that money that we blew on cocktail shrimps and dip on the mundane day to day needs like instant noodles and laundry soap.  But then life would be dragging and we couldn’t share happy memories with our friends on special occaisions. 
Prior to the start of the ceremonies we admire the fantastic transformation toBC place.  Note the flag at half mast in respect for the loss of the Georgian athlete who died during a Luge training run.
  I can’t number the people that I met yesterday as I went to Vancouver and shared my excitement of the Olympics.  I talked to many locals and visitors alike.  My husband and I attended the opening ceremonies, and to share our enthusiasm we painted our faces red and white.  We encountered literally hundreds of smiles, dozens of compliments and were stopped and asked if we could pose for a picture over 20 times.  The joy we felt was infectious.  To me, that is what the Olympics are about, for after all smiles are free and I have a wish for everyone that we meet to take home smiles, peace and joy. 
The host first nations and the totems that raise their arms to welcome the world.
The great thing about being at an event is that you can look where the cameras aren’t watching.  Here is the seating for the athletes.  For now they can watch like the rest of the audience but they will the stars over the next two weeks!
What a terrific show!  Everyone involved in the production should be proud of the great job that they did.  It isn’t easy to put on a live performance for millions of people.  I had a blast!
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