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Football frenzy

October 18, 2009
  It was a really interesting weekend if you were a fan of the CFL.  The teams are battling for their playoff spots, and as usual most ot the teams are in a tight race.  In fact, if the BC Lions can win the next three games they can host the western playoff game at home!  Today they took one step closer by beating Winnipeg, even with their third string quarterback.  Then there was the game with Calgary and Saskatchewan.   Just when we forgot what the rules were when the game was tied, they reminded us.  It was so thrilling, I didn’t want it to end, but they remained deadlocked after a thrilling overtime period. 
  As the teams are hoping to make a trip to the Grey Cup in Calgary in November, the city is getting ready to receive fans from across the country for a week of traditional Canadian celebration.  You can experience a Manitoba buffet, complete with koubassa and the Winnipeg Pipe Band or join in the fun from Edmonton at the self titled "best damn party at Grey Cup."  I also discovered that there are fans of the CFL in Eastern Canada who call themselves the Atlantic Schooners after the team that was considered during an expansion but was never was formed.  They will be holding a "kitchen party" that sounds like a blast!  Then of course there will be a parade and the big game itself.   After the game play this weekend I for one will be looking forward to it.
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