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Baby spiders everywhere

October 5, 2009
  It is most definitely fall when the days are getting cooler, the trees are turning marvelous colors, and in our neighborhood, the spiders are becoming more active.  For the last month or so, we have been seeing spider webs everywhere outside.  You couldn’t walk from one end of the backyard to the other without becoming snared in a silken strand or two or three.  Now it seems the spider invasion is in a new phase.  I am so very glad that I don’t have a fear of the eight legged creatures for the most part. 
  A couple of weeks ago the mercury started to dip below ten degrees Celsius at night, so it was time to bring in my houseplants that were enjoying the sunshine and rain treatment that they had reveled in during the summer.  I really tried to clean them off of all stowaways when I brought them indoors, but I seem to have missed a few.  I also believe that certain types of spiders just seem to seek the coziness of cracks and crannies that lead them into the house.  Thank goodness those big scary looking ones seem to just crave the big outdoors!  Now it seems that I can’t move something, open something or take another thing out of a cupboard without finding a pencil tip sized spider zipping along.
  Here is a short list of the baby spider discoveries from yesterday;
  On the panel of the stove while baking brownies…did he want to help, or was he just hungry for chocolate?
  In the bucket area of the dehumidifier…this one seemed to want to take a shower.
  Inside a plastic container when I was putting away leftovers…this teeny fellow was clearly hoping to get some of that leftover garlic bread in the miniscule web he had spun.
  And those are the ones that I noticed!  We share our world with so many other inhabitants, it is mind boggling.  Perhaps if we get asked in the census how many are living at our house, I will have to answer, "more than I can count."
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