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The kindness of strangers.

October 3, 2009
  Last night we attended a CFL football game, and I learned something very interesting about human behaviour related to sports fans.  When my family and friends are not so friendly with my choice of teams I can always rely on the kindness of strangers!
  Ever since I started to be a fan of CFL football, I cheered for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  My father was from the province, and he sold me on the love of the game when I was pretty small.  I am not the only fan of the green and white, there is a phenomenon called Rider Nation that prevails in the league.  When Saskatchewan comes to town they have a tendency to attract many die hard fans, and at times there can be so many it might as well be a home game for the visiting Roughriders.  Is this because once you are a Roughridrider fan you will always be a Roughrider fan?  Is it because Rider fans will travel far and wide for the love of their team?  Is  it because that they have the cutest mascot of any team?
Maybe it is just because it is fun to cheer for a team where the fans are friendly and plentiful.  It is a place where there is a vast array of adornment options to choose from, including the famous watermelon helmet.  Maybe it is just because Rider fans have a good sense of humour.
  In any case, I had a lot of fun at the Lions game last night when the Roughriders came into town.  Even though I was downtrodden for my choice of teams to support, I think it was because they were worried that there could be a loss.  It was their way of expressing support for their own and if I was left on the street, ignored at dinner or almost refused a ticket to the game, I know that it was just in jest and that it was all in good fun.  If I didn’t dress in the green I would disappoint many Lions fans, so I have to ramp it up every year.
  I was accepted and cheered on by many other Roughrider fans who complimented me and cheered with me.  Instant friends are made in the concourse just because I am wearing green.  Even the next day at the grocery store, I still had on my face tattoo, someone came up to me and asked me, with a smile, where in Saskatchewan I came from.  Although I have never lived there I spent a fair amount of time in Saskatoon visiting relatives.  Jeff was quite nonplussed with the interaction, and thought that there is nothing special about the cold, mosquitoes, lack of entertainment, and nasty water that he remembers from living in Regina for 12 years.  Maybe those that stick to their love of the province are romantics.  Who knows?  In the end it is all in good fun!
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