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Fall fun in the backyard

September 15, 2009
  We are slowly recovering from the flu and today was lovely weather so we got outdoors to enjoy the warm air and cool, soft grass.  I picked a handful of ripe blueberries and dispatched them quickly.  They were yummy!  Jeff hauled out the reel mower and hacked down the lawn.  It was a big job after the rain we had made it grow nice and lush.  We had lots to add to the compost which is looking rich and brown. 
  We were not the only ones enjoying the day, birds have been eating the blueberries too.
  I don’t mind sharing, the birds give me lots of pleasure watching them.  In a few weeks they will be all gone and the bush will be changing color to lovely reds and oranges.  As I was typing this enty five robins were in the bush, but I was too slow to capture them for your veiwing.
  There are pretty colors in our yard right now, and Jeff had some fun with settings on the camera to capture them.
  There is a bit of a risk walking around the house at this time of year,  a person is likely to run into any amount of spider webs that are created daily.  It sure tickles when you have webs across both arms!  The spiders grow all summer so at this time of year, while they are still around, some have gotten very large.  I went into the garden to see if the soil had dried enough to harvest the potatoes and found a spider almost big enough to rival Shelob, the one who tried to eat Frodo in the Lord of the Rings.  I called Jeff over and said I found Frodo in the garden and we got a good laugh so he got me to break out the camera.  Here are the shots he took of the backyard spiders and webs, so if you are squeemish maybe scroll past these pictures quickly!
  Other insects are also busy, and since I still have lots of different flowers the bees are happy to visit. 
This last flower is a morning glory and Jeff used a setting to enhance it’s color so that you can see it in the same vibrancy that we did.  As a consequence it removed all the green from the leaves surrounding it.  It almost does it the purpleness justice and when we saw it we both said, "my goodness!"
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