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Road to recovery

September 8, 2009
  Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men, well maybe no mice, but we had great plans for this week that were interrupted by illness. 
  It started with a bit of a cough, and I was concerned I may have something so I took a shift off at work so not to pass it on to people and I am really glad that I did.  My husband and I started feeling sick within the next day.  After a visit to the doctor, we were told that we had an atypical flu.  Possibly because we had some immunity to a similar strain in the past, or it is a variant.
  We had a funfilled week planned, but that changed into something much different.  As Allan puts it,  "I’m waiting to get Swine Flu. I’m actually a little excited about it. I know I’ll be able to beat it, then I’ll have a great story to tell."   It took many years, but I see that my Pollyanna influence has rubbed off on my old friends.
  But first, I have to dream of what might have been.  The plans that were waylaid included a super football game (we have season’s tickets), where The BC Lions met the Montreal Alouettes who are top of the league, a nooner at The Nat to watch a baseball game next to the lush Queen Elizabeth Park, blackberry picking, dinner out with family (cousin Joyce makes the most incredible perogies!), fun at The PNE (Pacific National exhibition) eating those little doughnuts and touring the PNE prize home.
  What actually happened was that we gave our football tickets away to friends of friends.  They had a fun time and our seatmates treated them well.  We watched BC beat Montreal on television, and I cheered in my pathetic little croak several times.  We had free gate passes to the PNE that are still sitting by the door, but the fair is over for this year except the drawing of the prize home.  Jeff called and got tickets for the draw, so we will watch the news tonight with dreams of winning a new car or the house in Kelowna.  One year we watched the draw, and the ticket drum was so big a person could stand upright in it!  I think I had better wash my hair in case we do win and they send the helicopter to pick us up to check out the new house.  At least I will still have clean hair.
  So instead of a fun week of frolicking in a province that calls itself Beautiful BC, we stayed at home and didn’t pass along the virus.  The only outing we had was to the doctor’s office and to the pharmacy.  Both places we used liberal amounts of hand sanitizer and stayed at least 2 meters away from other people.  The virus dies at our home, bwhahah! 
  For some information, I found a bulletin that really sums up the difference between surgical masks (which we were given to prevent spread of infection at the doctor’s office) and respirators (which I noted that you can buy at the grocery store).  It’s a poster from Workplace BC and is a pdf that I can’t seem to post here.  Please click on the link and visit, it is really informative.  I had good news this week, my workplace will be training me to fit test people to wear respirators.  The summary is as follows;
  Surgical masks are loose fitting masks that protect others around you when you are sick by preventing airborne droplets from coughs. 
  Respirators are snug fit masks that need to be fit tested in order to be effective and are for healthy people to prevent viruses from being inhaled.
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