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Some Summer Fun

July 20, 2009
  There is nothing like spending good times in the summer out of doors when the weather is fine.  Whether it is sitting at the pub along the river with friends, watching and feeling a warm summer shower, going out to a nooner baseball game, taking a trip on a free river ferry or spending a quiet morning in my garden, I can say summer is a fantastic time of year.
  Here I am at the Gillnetter pub, taking time to slow life down.
  Jeff tried out the new settings on the camera to catch rain in action.  Days like this remind us that we are living in a coastal rainforest.  I love the smell of the air when it rains, it is so rich you can almost hold it in your hands.  Taking a deep breath is like breathing in the living forest.
  What are days off for, if not to decide to take off into town for a nooner baseball game?  Root, root, root for the home team and it is so cool when they win!
   In less then two weeks the Albion Ferry will be history.  I think that Translink is making a mistake ending the service across the Fraser river.  It is more then a connection route, it is a west coast experience and I will be very sad to lose it.   Jeff, Steven and I took the trip once more to feel the warmth and breezes of slipping over the river with other commuters, stopping to chat instead of jockeying for position on a road across a bridge.
  After one busy night at work, before I went to bed for some well deserved sleep, I had a walk through my lush garden.  The blooms and buzzing bees, fresh berries and veggies were too much for me to resist, even through my tired eyes.  It was so refreshing!
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