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A summer day off

July 6, 2009
  What is more wonderful then a day off in the summertime?  I suppose that would be a rainy day off in the summertime!  My last few days off it has been warm and sunny, so I have been doing lots of yardwork, hanging laundry out to dry and general running about, getting a little bit tanned.  Today the clouds and raindrops have moved in so I am taking it easy this morning.  The brightest thing I have done so far is to look up "wiki" in Wikipedia.
  It was a gorgeous day on Saturday and since we were out anyway, we decided to take a trip on the Albion ferry to visit Fort Langley.  The trip was a bit sad because it may be our last one.  Translink, the group that decides what happens with the transportation system in the GVRD has decided not to keep the little ferry that crosses the Fraser River now that the Golden Ears bridge is open. 
  We had a fun time in Fort Langley, Jeff said several times, I wish we had brought the camera.  We shared a blood orange and tiramisu gelato cup, checked out the little open air market where I tried a sample of crunchy flax and went shopping in a couple of stores. In the aromatherapy store we bought some seasalt for the bath and they gave me some fruit flavoured ice tea to drink in a teacup.  The store always offers their customers a cup of tea, and since it was hot out the iced variety was lovely.   Jeff bought me a rain chain at the garden store for our anniversary.  A rain chain is an alternative to a downspout, directing the rain to flow along a pretty ornamental chain.  Ours is in the shape of little umbrellas.  I bought Jeff a cute little squirrel statue that he picked out. On our trip back I looked at the high water marks that people had chalked in on the ferry ramps, including the one that says 1-800-call Noah, and had a bit of a giggle.  Guess that one will be the highest ever.
  Shortly after we got home we hung up our rainchain and I put the little squirrel in the back yard.  The little squirrel has been "following" our garden pig around the yard.  It started sitting on the retaining wall, and now it is by the bird bath.  While we were resting after doing stinky yardwork we saw a small bird land in the bath.  We both thought he would splash around in the bath or have a drink, but he was just there to cool off his feet for several minutes and then continued on.  He had a hummingbird that hovered around him, cheeping in a sweet little voice.  It was almost as if they were like the two dog characters, Spike and Chester from Looney Tunes.  "We’re pals, aren’t we?"
  The morning is now spent and it is getting on to noon, so I think I will move on too.  I hope that you are feeling at ease as you read this.  Maybe I will look back at this entry someday and feel warm and relaxed again. 
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